writing tips: how to kill a character. do's and don'ts.

19 Feb 2018

[Jason Wong]

As a vivid reader and am aspiring novelist writing my own stories, I have contemplated on killing off characters before or gotten upset over deaths of some characters that I have read about. Not to be biased, I'm not talking about the deaths that simply made me sad and miss a character. I'm talking about the deaths that made no sense whatsoever and didn't add any value to the story. I'm not naming any stories here but you surely know which kind of stories I'm talking about. It's just frustrating to get tortured just for the sake of being tortured? It's like watching a 10-season TV show just to be tortured and then being left disappointed. Well. Same goes for books. Here goes a checklist on how to kill a fictional character. More so, why you should or shouldn't kill a character off in your story.

sunday #28

18 Feb 2018

+ I watched The Death Cure. And I absolutely loved it. After watching the third movie of the Maze Runner series, I've decided that it's one of the best YA plots I've ever watched. I really want to read the books now, as I've heard the books are even better. I loved the first movie, wasn't too hyped over the second one but this, my people, this movie was a joy to watch. I honestly feel a withdrawal. I need more of Dylan O'Brien and Thomas Brodie Sangster. I could ramble on and on about this movie but I really don't want to spoiler anyone. My best friend and I went to the Original Version on Valentine's Day. 

on long distance friendships.

16 Feb 2018

Here's a little tale of how my best friend and I have survived a years-long long distance best friendship, with all the ups and downs. It's really freaking hard. But it's worth it and even though it's tricky, the things you'll learn whilst flourishing the friendship, it'll all go a long way. And you'll be thankful for making it work against all the odd odds. 

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